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VERONA, NJ 07044

(973) 239-6422

We hope that everyone and their loved ones are staying healthy and safe during this difficult and tough time.  We have been a family owned, private training facility for over 11 years in Verona, New Jersey.

No program is the same and you will never do the same workout twice.  Each workout is mapped out, creative and progressive.

All programs and workouts are age and fitness level appropriate.

* Create your own group - also available!*

If you are looking to ward off the Covid-19 gain, change things up or take your training to a new level, please contact me for more information and details on how to get started.

We offer programs for:

* Adults, young adults, and kids

* General Health and Wellness

* Strength Training

* Athletic Improvement and Performance

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Program Offerings Via:

* Zoom

* FaceTime

Personal Training options:

* One on One

* Invite family members to join, for no extra cost

Image by Victor Freitas

Current Virtual Classes:

* Sunday 10am

* Monday 8pm

* Thursday 8pm

Young Adults/Athlete Training:

* One on One

* Team Training

* Triple Extension Development

* Core Strengthening

* Injury Prevention

* Speed & Agility

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